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Welcome to Jessie Catering

Jessie Catering has been providing home meal delivery services for families all over Singapore. It began as a small hawker stall in an industrial area, but its home-cooked taste has touched even the hearts of the people from the surrounding neighbourhoods. It often reminds them of their mothers' cooking at home, bringing back fond memories of their childhood.


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Does your service include the table set-up, warmers, utensils etc.?
Yes. Our service includes the full table set-up with warmers, utensils, serviettes, garbage bags, tables, skirting and cutleries for your guests. 
What are your famous dishes?
As seen on our menu, our famous dishes have a logo on its side. If you require a picture to see how the dish looks like, click on the dish and you will be able to see the picture. 

How many cutleries you give? Can I have more?
We give 1.5x of the number of pax you have ordered from us. From our experience, it should be enough 
What is the collection time upon arrival?
The collection time will be at 3 hours upon arrival. According to the NEA ruling, we have to adhere to that. 
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