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Econ Super-Deal Buffet $6 per Pax - Min. 80 Pax

Simple and yummy food to serve hungry crowds.

Catering Services: Larger crowd always deserves more discounts! Isnt it the benefit of a bigger crowd? You get a full meal with a total of 5 items set up in full buffet style, See more here!............

$ 6.42 Ex Tax: $ 6.00

Economic Plus Buffet Set $8 per Pax - Min. 60 Pax

Affordable Spread of Buffet with Set-up. See here for choices!

Catering Services: A total of 6 items at only $8 per pax. Too good a deal for a bigger crowd. So, click for menu, click for choices, click to check it out yourself!................................... ..

$ 8.56 Ex Tax: $ 8.00

Joyous Buffet $10 per Pax - Min. 50 Pax

The buffet that makes everyone happy!

Catering Services: Do you have a larger group of people and still want a good spread of food to serve around. You get a total of 8 items with only $10/pax. (Use the coupon as above to waive off the tr..

$ 10.70 Ex Tax: $ 10.00

Sumptuous Buffet Spread $12 per Pax - Min. 30 Pax

Catering Services: This standard package of buffet suits families and corporate events the best. With a wide spread of 10 items with a full range of products from you to chosoe from, you can fit to an..

$ 12.84 Ex Tax: $ 12.00

Sumptuous Buffet Spread Light $14.80 per Pax (20 - 25 Pax)

Smaller group but same variety of 10 items! here we go!

Catering Services: Smaller groups but yet you want to serve a spread for them? Click here for the range of delicious food choices!​ Order Below : Order in multiples of 5pax. 10 items. ..

$ 15.84 Ex Tax: $ 14.80

Sumptuous Buffet Spread Petit $17.80 per Pax (10 - 15 Pax)

Who says 10 to 15 of us cannot celebrate happiness with a full buffet!

Catering Service: Ditch take aways and order a full buffet with the full set-up for your cosy event! Who says 10 people cant have a full buffet? We say yes!​ So what say you?.......................Cli..

$ 19.05 Ex Tax: $ 17.80

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