Filipino Food Fiesta

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Filipino Bento Meal ($4.50 - Min.20pax)

Filipino Bento Meal

Filipino Food Lovers. Just want some simple authentic filipino food served for your event? See below for the options for bento meals!  Bento Meal - Set A a) Asado (Butter Chicken) b) Chop Suey wi..

$ 0.00 Ex Tax: $ 0.00

Filipino Buffet Menu ($15 per pax - Min.20pax)

Filipino Buffet Menu

Menu : (a) Asado (Butter Chicken) (b) Pork Adobo w Liver (c) Vegetables in Shrimp Paste (Pinakbit) (d) Plain Rice (e) Chicken Macaroni Salad (f) Filipino Spaghetti (g) BBQ Chicken Wings ..

$ 16.05 Ex Tax: $ 15.00

Filipino Fiesta Party Set

Filipino Fiesta Party Set

everything is in disposable packages!! INCLUDES CUTLERIES! Menu : (1)   Asado (Butter Chicken) ​(2)   Pork Adobo w Liver (3)   Vegetables in Shrimp Paste (Pinakbit)            ​(4)   Plain ..

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